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"I have been watching the markets for a long time and was grateful to have found Chuck through Coast to Coast radio. He is knowledgeable in prophecy and finances and grasps the big picture for the economic future, He made the process of transferring my IRA easy and painless and is great with following up on clients to be sure they are completely satisfied.  I highly recommend him to anyone seeking financial security in this time of great instability in the global economy."  - Dr. Marian F. Klaes, Indiana

Gold and silver have stood the test of time as a reliable and safe store of value for personal wealth and protection.  Precious metals are an excellent way to hedge against risky capital markets....


If you currently have an IRA account, or qualified plan, you can easily convert these funds into a Precious Metals IRA account for safekeeping and peace of mind.  A transfer or....


Precious metals storage and safety is an essential and very important consideration for every precious metals investor, and individual needs can vary to protect your investment.  For most people...


Payment settlement for all precious metals transactions are made payable to IDP Consulting Group, LLC, and we request that personal checks be promptly mailed by US Postal Service....


Resources and Research for Investors to Better Understand Our Times

The history and founding of America is almost a fairy tale of providence and good fortune.  As the late Dr. Peter Marshall has recounted in his classic book, The Light and the Glory, no other....



Thanks for your interest in my current newsletter and archive of past newsletters.  My focus is on current affairs, macroeconomics, geopolitics and precious metals with a biblical worldview....



The Reckoning Hour is a podcast designed to provide lively commentary on current affairs and issues related to politics, religion and economics and how they relate to our world....


To better understand the world that we live in we need a biblical worldview that is empirically supported by our actual real-life experience. The Bible distinguishes between good and bad....



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IDP, LLC has a strategic alliance with MIM for client services and financial diversification with managed accounts to protect principal in uncertain times.

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