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IDP Monthly Podcast and Archive

The Reckoning Hour is a podcast designed to provide lively commentary on current affairs and issues related to politics, religion and economics and how they relate to our world today.  At the link below you will find my most recent posting and a full archive of past shows and interviews with various hosts, bloggers and web-based programs.  Steven Menking is a regular host with his own YouTube channel, On The Objective, a network that examines our world from a biblical worldview while tracking significant global developments.  These frequent podcasts are uploaded to The Reckoning Hour, and you are also encouraged to visit his channel at the link above. It is our goal to educate, challenge and present useful information in these podcasts that will promote individual financial preparedness, protect families and provide faith, hope and inspiration from a biblical worldview as we draw near to the reckoning hour.

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The Reckoning Hour with Chuck Coppes - B

The Reckoning Hour podcast is an inspiration from my book America's Financial Reckoning Day.  You can purchase this book on, or obtain a signed copy and special book offer through this site.  As many of you know, I am a regular guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory providing weekly economic updates and perspective on current affairs, and you can find a link to his website provided below.  All requests for radio or web-based interviews are to be directed to my Contact Page for Media Inquiry.

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